UPDATE|Ghana, Our inherent Classist approach to Job Qualification/Hiring; the Case of Caleb Afaglo.

I wrote this piece earlier on this year about our classist approach to job qualification and hiring.

And today, Caleb Afaglo, the IT head of SSNIT has been dismissed on allegations of  presenting fraudulent certificates.

Caleb, until his dismissal worked with several reputable companies and from all indications was good at his job; unfortunately being good at your job means nothing if you’re not academically qualified for it.

And that’s what my piece below was focused on.

Now before you proceed it’s important you understand that this isn’t an endorsement of his actions (if found to be true); just an insight into what can lead anyone to do this because of our system.

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Africans, most especially GHANAIANS have a classist approach to job qualification and hiring.

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