DONALD TRUMP ; My Predictions and the teaching moment for Ghana.

DONALD TRUMP ; My Predictions and the teaching moment for Ghana.
In 2015 I predicted that Trump could very well be the next President of America.

Too many people ridiculed me and brushed it of as some joke. read here

Many thought it extremely impossible, but I didn’t, because if you’ve seen the America I’ve seen you’d know this was something to be worried about.

Donald Trump represents what a lot of people, white Americans especially , feel but are too cowardly to express in public so they keep quiet about it, say it though social media and in the comfort of their homes. So when a chance like this comes for then to express it through their votes, they will, I said as much in my piece on THE PEOPLE VS TRUMP

He took advantage of the media’s thirst for sensationalism and negativity to overshadow the positivity Clinton was trying to spread, and he used the power of social media to keep him in the news probably more than any of the candidates.

I’ve said before, the only way NOT to make someone popular is by NOT talking about them, because whether good or bad,publicity is publicity, and Trump got for free.

He preyed on Americans fears , prejudice, xenophobia , islamphobia, racism distrust for career politicians etc to get the numbers he needed to win; and you can argue that he probably didn’t mean (wishful thinking) nearly half of the irrational things he said, but he did anyway, knowing it would get him the votes to win.

And WIN he did.

So I will give him the benefit of the doubt, that maybe all this was to win and he can maybe be a good leader.

But it won’t change the lasting effects his words have and will continue to have on the people who were at the receiving end of his hate speech, it won’t change the division he caused, it won’t change the open racism he encouraged, the bullying the sexism, the xenophobia, the islamophobia and the tall list of behaviour he encouraged in people.

How he’s going to repair that is beyond me, he has a long way to go to fix this, that is if he really wants to because it’s why the people voted for him.

Like BREXIT America has just revealed itself in Trump and that’s all I’ve been trying to say for the past year.

And just like my 6 POINTS TO UNDERSTANDING THE GHANAIAN VOTER, you have to know that elections are always much bigger than popular opinion always boils down to the individual’s perception.

I will keep an open mind to the journey ahead with Trump as president.