Hair Crush Wednesday | How a competition Inspired my Short Hair; Lydia Larley Lartey

So I’ve been secretly crushing on this lady’s hair for a while now.

I had screen shots of her pictures long before I ever met her in person.

I’ve been obsessed with short hair since the first time I set eyes on Diana King in her music video Shy Guy; in my natural hair story. I talked about how she inspired my love for natural hair as kid, which is why I’ve always wanted to try this look.

But to be honest I’ve hesitate for so long because I’m not sure how I’ll look in it; so I’ve just been obsessing over anyone bold enough to try this look.

Thankfully I finally found someone who’s rocking this look to share her story with us.

Today’s Hair Crush Wednesday is Lydia Larley Lartey a Tv Presenter, Personal Shopper, Stylist and all round fashionista.

And below is here story, she writes ;

It’s totally innocent to look at other naturals as your #haircrush. But always do what you think befits you.
I’ve never been inspired like this from any other blog. Making me feel much stronger on this hair journey once again. Lol. Thanks for the recognition.


My big chop actually happened somewhere May 2015.I was tired of all the perms,wigs, braids etc, I felt my hair wasn’t growing at the pace I wanted it to, so I made the decision to donthe Big Chop.
I allowed my hair grow out again.
In a few months my hair was back and better( this time around natural) but after a while it became boring again.
All I did was hold everything up in a bun.
I didn’t really pay much attention to my hair so it got more boring.I walk to my office one day and the other ladies had their hairs on point and it felt like a competition.

As I sat behind my desk with my boring hair my boss called me over to his office asking if I noticed how my other female colleagues had step up their hair games and I said yes , then he said “please step up yours too” I laughed and left his office.


But three days later he called me again asking why I hadn’t stepped up my game yet; to be honest I was out of ideas I said to him.
Then he called the others girls and declared that the whole hair thing is a competition and added that whoever won, would win a prize.

As I left his office,I reach out for my phone,went on the internet and started searching for hair inspirations until I came across a short hair page.
Seeing all the beautiful short hair photos inspired me because I really wanted to stand out and standing out was how I was going to win.
So I called two of my favorite cousins and told them the plan but they thought I was joking, but I went straight to the barbershop after work that day and called them to come over.

We finally came up with the style and that’s how I did my second big chop which I call BIG CHOP II.

My short hair has been really worth it and the response has been great; from winning the “competition” in my office, to all the love I get from family friends and even strangers have been overwhelming.

People see me and immediately say I’m Confident which I believe my hair has boosted, I also have several other people telling me how I’ve inspired them especially since only a few girls my age are bold enough to keep their natural hair let alone this short.

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  1. This is quite bold; something queer and will be impossible to do as everybody wants a long natural hair. Well done, Lydia keep up with your confidence.

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