Happy Birthday to my brother SAM FORSON 

Someone said to me the other day ” the love you have for your brothers is like nothing I’ve seen before, especially how your eyes light up when you talk about them”.

Well let me tell you something, everyday I wake up I can’t believe how blessed I am and lucky God gave me the brothers I have; especially my big brother Sam.
I can’t put into words the kinds of sacrifices he’s made so I can live my life and dreams.
If I had a million dollars in my account today and he needed it I’d clear my account and give it to him, no questions asked.
If I were to hit the jackpot, he’d automatically have half.
Because my brother deserves it and more.
If I’m confident in myself it’s because he’s always there to remind me of how beautiful I am, how talented I am and just how important my voice is to the world.
I still remember him sitting me down years ago, when I went to visit, and telling me how there’s nothing wrong with my body and how he doesn’t like the idea of me starving myself in the name of dieting.
He got me a box of pizza and when I ate just the topping he got angry and said I was wasting the food and pizza wouldn’t kill me. (I still eat pizza the same way though 😂,but now because I don’t like the bread).
But even when I still wanted to lose weight after that speech, he took me to the gym himself, bought all manner equipments and pills saying “I’ll support you on this journey if that’s what you want, but I think you’re beautiful and don’t need it”.

I’m tearing up now as I write this because you don’t know how much confidence a person gains from hearing they’re beautiful from their loved ones.
So one day Sam I’m going to give you everything I’ve ever promised and more because you love me in a way I didn’t even know how to love myself.
And I’m so blessed to experience a kind of love many are yet to or will never in their life time.
A love that’s truly unconditional and always puts me first.
Thank you God for this gift of love and for the life of my brother Sam Forson
Thank you for always being with him through the toughest times and never leaving his side.
Thank you filling him with so much love that he touches everyone around him.
Thank you for his children who’re someday going to see what an amazing father you gave them.

But most importantly thank you for the gift of LIFE that you’ve given him on this day as he turns a year older; and please give him many many many more years.
Happy Birthday “OTONO”!! 🎉🎉🎉
We love you! ❤️❤️
P.S – your mum woke me up at dawn(I’ve accepted she will never stop this) just to tell me her messages to you haven’t delivered at DAWN!!!😩😩😩