MAKOLA and the importance of HUMILITY 

Many years ago when I was a broke upcoming actress I was too shy to go to MAKOLA.

When I did I covered my face for fear that people would recognize me; well it didn’t work because they still did.
I was trying to live up to what people expected of a celebrity.
Drive an expensive car, own a big house and live a flashy life.
Meanwhile my broke ass couldn’t afford it! 😂😂😂
Thank God for SENSE, thank God I found myself before I completely lost who I was and my core values.
Today I went to Makola with my mum and fellow actress Fanny Akaminko ; I walked deep into the market shopping for important things I could only find in Makola.

Nothing like CHILLED ASANA in the middle of Makola

I didn’t care who saw me (well I cared if it meant stopping to take pictures, Makola’s too hot for that) I was more focused on what I was there to get.

All I could think of was how far God has brought me through humility.

The more he gave me the less I cared about all the materialistic things I thought I needed to fit in; and the less I cared the more he gave me.

So thank you God for humbling me, thank you for putting me through everything you did and most importantly thank you for lighting my path and showing me the way to LIVE.
P.S : No matter how rich or poor you are, all road lead to MAKOLA!!

** Dear fellow bloggers, I appreciate you sharing my articles sometimes but there’s a reason I don’t sensationalize my captions; so please don’t either. It just takes away the importance of the piece. Also credit my blog. Thank you. 

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