Mizani Naturalista Competition | Win FREE Lunch with Lydia Forson

It’s great to know a lot more hair product companies are now stepping up to include natural hair care in their product range.

Mzani, a leading hair care product has recently introduced  “True Texture” specifically for natural hair to their range of products.

And who better to test it out than me, the natural hair goddess ( ok that was just meant to annoy you a little).

I was treated to a Salon Visit at the Fist Choice Salon where my hair was pampered, treated and styled with the  Mizani True Texture  range of products.

Before Washing & Styling
Who doesn’t LOVE a good scalp massage ❤️

Ok so I think I enjoyed the part a bit too much 😁
Did a stretch out with African Threading. (Oh the shrinkage)

Look mama!! Got beads in my Hair!!

After testing the products out I think it’s only fair you do too.

So Mzanni is going to give two lucky fans of mine a goody bag full of lots of Mzanni Hair Products.

And one lucky fan is going to win free lunch with me and some fantastic prizes from Mizani.
Here’s how :

Share the Below video on your social media page, ask your friends to like and the fan with the most number of likes wins.
It’s really that simple.