Spray Bottle is a Natural Hair Necessity.

A spray bottle is the best, cheapest and most essential natural hair purchase I’ve ever made.

Believe me when I tell you that it completely changed my natural journey and took me from, “how am I going to manage this hair” to ” I’m so glad I went natural”.
And yes, this maybe a little exaggerated but natural hair can be extremely frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing; and so learning something as seemingly small as how to properly moisturize and hydrate your hair can make all the difference.
A Spray Bottle is a Natural Hair Necessity. If you do not have a spray bottle, get one! It is one of the best investments you can make. It sounds so simple. I know. Spritzing the hair with water is the best way to refresh those curls in between washes. Its great for 2nd-day hair too.
The spray bottle is used to rehydrate dull curls. It allows you to shape, moisturize, and stretch hair without soaking or re-wetting the whole head. You can more evenly distribute your moisturize when applying with a spray bottle. Its perfect for moisturizing and re-twisting the hair daily before bed. You can also use your spray bottle in styling your hair.
Depending on the balm, oil, or emollient agent used in addition to your main component water, you can create your own special blend of moisturizing/protecting hair mist for little money. In addition to aqua, you can use aloe vera juice, 100% vegetable glycerin, natural oils and/or your favorite conditioner. You can stretch your more expensive oils by adding them to your water bottle. Just add a little almond, vitamin E and Jojoboa oil. Shake and mist in hair before styling to help add and seal in moisture.
Spritzing is good for most natural styles including afros, curly puffs, braid/twist outs and etc. Its almost essential in the hot and humid summer months. The mist assist in smoothing fly aways too for that perfect afro puff.
Specific amounts of each ingredient depends on :

1.) the size of the bottle

2.) your hair needs

3.) desired style and

4.) your additional ingredients or combination of ingredients.
I recommend 3/4 water (primary/main ingredient) to 1/4 or less of your additional ingredients whether its oil, aloe vera juice, conditioner or any other secondary ingredients. Too much of your secondary ingredients can weigh your hair down, increase your drying time and cause product build up.
Make sure you shake you bottle before each use to get all that good stuff on your hair.
Here’s what I have in my spray bottle :

1. Water

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3. 2 Tbs of Black Tea

4. A few drops of essential oil
I must confess I never really plan out what’s going into my spray bottle; it’s usually what I have available at the moment. And when I find something that sticks I tend to use it for several months.

So, what’s in your spray bottle; do share.

**additional information : naturalhairrules.com