Last night I had the honour of speaking a few words of encouragement to the audience at the GIRL TALK CONCERT during EFYA ‘s performance of “BEST IN ME”.

I wrote this backstage in a rush and I thought to share it with you because in that moment it felt like a declaration for myself than anyone.

“I vow to never let a single person dictate the way I view the world. I will explore, define, and navigate the way I see fit…”

Depending on who you are you either like me very very much, or you simply can’t stand me.


And in spite of what you’ve heard( and I know you’ve heard a lot) or think you know about me, know that only one thing will always remain constant, I will never ever STOP speaking against injustice of any kind.

Not because I’m a feminists or any of the titles attributed to me, but because If you witness an act of injustice and you dont speak up against it, you’re no different from the offender, it’s simply called being HUMANE.

Justice knows no class, gender or race; justice is simply doing whats right.


Not because you agree with a person, their choices or lifestyle, but because you respect that we all have a right to live in a world where we can live life to the fullest.

And so I will continue to speak ,scream and shout if I have to; knowing I will be talked about, vilified and bullied into silenced.

But I will continue to defy all odds and remain true to my calling and bring out the BEST IN ME.


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