Update: Hillary Clinton, Charlotte Osei and what it takes to be a woman in Power

Update: Hillary Clinton, Charlotte Osei and what it takes to be a woman in Power
Let me start by saying unlike many women I hardly get excited when a woman attains what seemed to be an unatainable position.

It’s not that I don’t want women to win, I really do, but I also know the with high expectations comes the pressure of having to live up to the title.

And when you don’t the lasting feeling of disappointment can never be easy to handle.

I posted a piece about how women in powerful position are treated.

Using Charlotte Osei and Hillary Clinton on how the world mostly views and treats women in power.

It was met with a lot of criticism not surprisingly by women who made this more about Charlotte Osei, than the real issue of the partiality in how women occupying the same positions as men are treated.

Lets be clear you’re more than permitted to have an issue with how she’s handled issues, if that’s what you believe.

And I said as much in my earlier write up.

I don’t seek to exonerate these two women from all they’ve been accused of, by all means they deserve to be held accountable for their actions and inactions, but there’s an obvious and inbuilt bias with how they’re treated.

This is more about the pressures women in her position face and the prejudice we pretend to be blinded to.

But we seem to be so fired up all the time waiting to pounce on people because we’re unable to separate how we feel about people from what’s right and wrong.

Its also because a lot of these women who’ve expressed anger at this write up are burdened with guilt knowing that they’ve been a part of this prejudice without knowing or assumed it wasn’t.

And for the men who had something to say they’re only argument was on the “victim mentality” they feel women like to carry.

First of you always have to remember that you should NEVER tell anyone how to feel about a situation you’ve never experienced.

I doubt any woman wants to walk around feeling down all day, think about it, what’s exciting in that?

But pretending a problem doesn’t exists just to give people the illusion that all is well, doesn’t change that it isn’t.

Some of these men also don’t understand that their views on how women are and should be treated in society don’t always reflect the majority.

So no, we’re not playing the victim,neither do we want to be the victim, we just want to live in a world where we don’t have to have these conversations anymore.

There’s a problem we need to fix and until we accept that there is , will continue to be talking about this for years to come.

I usually never come back to explain things I’ve written, but with the overwhelming response I got to this post I just have to.