Women’s Empowerment; the illusion of Freedom

Women’s empowerment seems to be the “new kid on the block” when it comes to activism; even for some men.

Everyone wants to be seen as an ally, one who believes in women’s rights, one who supports women to live their full potential, one who’s quick to defend women against societal stereotypes and those who abuse them.

But a lot of this is just cosmetic; people are yet to fully grasp the concept of the freedom and rights they claim to fight for, they’re yet to look within themselves and understand that the fight is with themselves also.

Because a lot of the same people who fight for women’s empowerment are the very people that like to dictate what they can do with that power.

You can wear what you want- but it has to fit into my idea of what’s appropriate.

You can be what you want- but you’ve got to understand that as a woman you have limitations.

You can marry who you want – but you have to understand that as a woman you need a man who earns more than you so you don’t become superior to him.

Your body is yours to do what you please with it – but as a woman you’ve got to atleast have a few children because it’s what you were born to do.

Many still don’t understand that giving a person the freedom to make certain life choices means accepting that it maybe one you don’t understand, agree or appreciate; that some of these choices may go against your beliefs, lifestyle and core values.

Think about it; why fight to give someone freedom and restrict what they can do with it?

Yes, freedom comes with responsibility; I get that. But it’s up to the person to be responsible for those choices and not you to force them into it.

We’re not free; for now, it’s all an illusion.