The Tribute I Couldn’t Give to my Grandmother.

The Tribute I couldn’t give; because everyone wanted us to read a scripted version of the life you lived.

Truth is you were a BADDASS till the very end, and you had absolutely NO filter and gave not even two cents about what anyone had to say about the life you lived. And NO you didn’t like to cook, that was a lie and I’m sure you’re laughing at the ridiculousness of that claim, you cooked alright but it wasn’t something you lived to do as tried to paint.

You took shots at everyone, even the kenkey seller down the street because you thought hers was never as good as yours. But that’s what everyone loved about you, your wicked sense of humour and ability to throw jabs at everyone regardless. More than anything today I’m proud of who I am, because I get to say I’m from a long line of STRONG, TENACIOUS, BADDASS, DONT CROSS US, REFUSE TO BACK DOWN FROM ANYONE OR ANYTHING IF ITS WHAT WE BELIEVE IN, line of women.

You can’t tell us nothing.

Good bye my angel, my very very BADDASS angel. Till we meet again.

RIP Efua Nyaaba