Sexual Assault | Speaking out takes COURAGE don’t shame Victims.

I really can’t stand how EVERYONE seems to want to tell victims of sexual assault what they should or shouldn’t have done in the situation.
How do you tell someone how to react to something you’ve NEVER experienced.
How many rapist walk freely in Ghana and the world, how many rapist are prosecuted, how many times have women been scrutinized for actions that led to their assault?
There’s a real fear of your life being over for speaking out, because you’ll lose that job, be shamed, be forever treated as a victim and not a survivor and live the rest of your life reliving your abuse through the judgmental eyes of people. 
In a fair world, women and even men of sexual assault would immediately scream out and report their abusers.

But the reality is, in a country like Ghana, for instance, where you have to pay GH20 for a rape form, and other countries where victims have no money or their abusers are powerful men they’re really crippled and can’t do much. 
So before you give your ignorant opinion about sexual assault, know the real risk a VICTIM takes in speaking out and understand the courage they have for doing so.